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Mission Statement

A company can perform effectively only when it strives to attain clear objectives through the application of well-defined principles and procedures. At Chapel, our objectives and principles are a culmination of the combined experience of ethical, dedicated, intelligent and imaginative people.  We are constantly striving to better our company as well as our community.  We strongly feel a companies worth is every much a component of its value to the community as well as it’s contribution to the bottom line.


  • *To fulfill a useful economic purpose - satisfying the need for prompt, dependable Internet connectivity, providing all users within our reach the best possible service at a fair and competitive price.
  • To maintain a strong, forward-looking, efficient and cooperative organization that is ever mindful of the well-being of our people, and which will enable each member of our team to develop their individual capabilities.
  • To maintain a financially strong company earning a reasonable profit, so that we will be able to provide security for the members of our organization and continue to ensure quality service to our customers.
  • To develop additional profitable businesses which complement our efforts to maintain a financially strong company.
  • To be alert to changing conditions and ready at all times to adjust our viewpoints and operations to meet them.
  • To establish and maintain a high standard of excellence in everything we do.
  • To contribute to the advancement and betterment of our surrounding community, and to be aware of its citizens needs.
  • To encourage our employees to be active citizens and participate in community projects.   
  • To earn and preserve a reputation as a company whose well-being is in the public interest and whose people are respected for their performance, character and integrity.


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